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How Should You Prepare for HR Outsourcing?

CoAdvantage-If you are considering outsourcing some or all HR functions, or are considering expanding your outsourcing, do yourself a big favor and do some prep beforehand. This preparation does not have to be extensive or onerous – most reputable HR partners or Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are very good at picking up from almost situation[…]

What Technologies Make the Biggest Difference in Human Resources

What Technologies Make the Biggest Difference in Human Resources

CoAdvantage-Digitization and the adoption of leading technologies is fueling transformation in the workplace. It’s no wonder: well-executed technology implementations can yield dramatic efficiency and performance gains. According to consultancy group McKinsey & Co., organizations that focused on updating and transforming business operations during the pandemic have significantly improved efficiencies, accomplishing outcomes in 10 days that[…]

How Digital Transformation Supercharges HR Performance

How Digital Transformation Supercharges HR Performance

CoAdvantage- We’ve previously written about “world-class HR,” which is a term coined by consultancy firm The Hackett Group to describe the top 10% highest performing human resource organizations. These HR teams have eye-opening performance statistics that justify the description: on average, they see see 41% lower labor costs, 59% fewer involuntary terminations, 22% fewer days[…]

Making smarter business decisions goes beyond having good data. It means understanding how to organize, structure, and analyze that data to make the right calls. Here is why workforce analytics is the new must-have HR skill

Why “Workforce Analytics” Is the New Must-Have HR Skill

CoAdvantage- Workforce analytics – sometimes also called people analytics or talent analytics – means applying Big Data principles and practices to workforce-related data. In “Workforce Analytics 101: Your Top Questions” introduction to this subject, we wrote: “[Workforce analytics] means using existing data and statistics to generate insight into, and make evidence-based decisions about, HR issues[…]

4 Fundamentals for Building a Better Workplace Culture

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Transforming the Face of HR?

CoAdvantage-Yes, argues HR management consultant Josh Bersin, suggesting that technology and artifical intelligence are completely changing how HR functions. In a paper published earlier this year, he suggests that “new user interfaces and AI-enabled agents” are transforming how employees interact with HR. He calls this trend the “disappearing HR system.” In other words, the process[…]

CoAdvantage HR Resources

6 Resources for HR Managers and Small Business Owners

CoAdvantage- HR is a fast-moving and challenging field that can be overwhelming, especially when non-HR people are handling HR tasks (as is the case at startups and small businesses where the owner often handles many HR-related activities personally. Where can you find information and support for managing the wide array of HR duties – payroll,[…]

CoAdvantage Simplify HR Administration

6 Ways to Simplify HR Administration in Your Workplace

CoAdvantage- Complexity in HR is a hot – and complicated – topic. HR leaders say that their HR administration has grown significantly more complex over time: “Being a competent HR professional has become increasingly complex,” say researchers from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, Brigham Young University, and Utah State University. That growing[…]

CoAdvantage Paperless HR

Paperless HR: Reducing Reliance on Pen-and-Paper in HR Operations

CoAdvantage- Paperless HR is not a pipe dream. In fact, for some organizations, it’s a requirement: the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is requiring all federal agencies to start submitting all federal government records in electronic format by the end of 2022. For most private businesses, of course, a totally paperless workflow is[…]

HR Outsourcing Trends for 2020

In our series on the outlook for 2020, we’ve identified the biggest HR trends, like workplace flexibility and an evolving role for HR organizations; and we’ve discussed some of the biggest issues facing small businesses, like recruitment challenges. But what about HR outsourcing trends specifically? What’s new or important for companies that outsource some or[…]

6 Facts to Shine Light on the Importance of Careful Job Screening

In a world in which many job candidates will do whatever it takes to get in the door – including lie, cheat, and steal – employers must exercise extreme caution and care during the recruitment process. Background screening is an important element of performing due diligence on potential hires, but many employers may not realize[…]