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Labor law spotlight: employee privacy rights and regulations

Labor Law Spotlight: Employee Privacy Rights and Regulations

CoAdvantage -Employers have long had a vested interest in monitoring employee activity to ensure that workers are fulfilling their job requirements, behaving in a professional capacity while representing their employer, and adhering to company policies. The need to verify employee conduct has become particularly acute as more and more people have begun working remotely at[…]

What Should You Expect from HR During a Crisis?

What Should You Expect from HR During a Crisis?

CoAdvantage -Effective crisis management is vital to long-term business viability. Every company is eventually going to face some kind of emergency, disaster, or crisis. It could be a pandemic like COVID-19, a financial crisis, a product recall, a public relations problem, a natural disaster like a hurricane, or any one of numerous unexpected events. When[…]

Prepare for the Post-Pandemic Return to the Workplace

4 Tips to Prepare for the Post-Pandemic Return to the Workplace

CoAdvantage- At long last, the potential end of the pandemic may be in sight, as Americans are being vaccinated in huge (albeit slowing) numbers. As of the end of May 2021, more than 50% of Americans have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination and over 40% had received both doses. Indeed, the[…]

Safety and Wellness Policies: 3 Strategies for Getting Employees Onboard

Safety and Wellness Policies: 3 Strategies for Getting Employees On Board

CoAdvantage- Compliance with COVID-19 safety precautions in the U.S. has been generally high but also indisputably inconsistent. A recent study from the University of Southern California’s Center for Economic and Social Research found that while more than 80% of respondents wore a mask in the last part of May 2021, nearly 80% also had close contact[…]

CoAdvantage Crisis

5 Ways to Turn a Crisis Into an Opportunity

CoAdvantage- Every crisis contains the seed of opportunity. As Winston Churchill said, “Never waste a good crisis.” Indeed, in normal circumstances, leaders and organizations frequently resist even smart or necessary change. Thus, a crisis situation can potentially generate the necessary urgency and motivation to make positive changes. As The Wall Street Journal writes, “A crisis[…]

CoAdvantage COVID-19 Vaccine

Can Employers Require Their Employees to Take the COVID-19 Vaccine?

CoAdvantage- The short answer is a qualified yes. Employers can require their employees to take the COVID-19 vaccine.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued guidance last December addressing this question. The bottom-line answer: yes, employers can mandate that employees get the vaccine. However, such a mandate would introduce a host of legal (and logistical)[…]

CoAdvantage Crisis Preparedness

Crisis Preparedness: Steps to Take Before Your Company Faces a Crisis

CoAdvantage- There’s no shortage of potentially business-ending risks facing today’s employers. Every crisis, from relatively petty PR crises to actual life-threatening events like a deadly global pandemic, has the power to devastate a business. Always, the burden is on business leaders to set course and sail through such dangerous times. The old axiom applies here:[…]

CoAdvantage Reasonable Accommodation

What Counts as “Reasonable Accommodation” Regarding COVID-19 and At-Risk Workers?

CoAdvantage- In a recent article about how to protect at-risk workers from COVID-19 while still complying with all applicable labor laws, we brought up the concept of “reasonable accommodation.” Because the idea of reasonable accommodation is so important in this situation, it’s worth exploring in more detail. To start, what is reasonable accommodation? According to[…]

CoAdvantage Remote Working

Remote Working: What to Expect in 2021

CoAdvantage- With the COVID-19 pandemic making physical workplaces high-risk avenues of disease transmission, a vast number of workers were forced to transition to a work-from-home program in 2020. Now, with new vaccines now in distribution, the new year brings with it hope for an end to the pandemic. Even so, however, remote working and work-from-home[…]

CoAdvantage at-Risk

How to Help at-Risk Workers Avoid COVID-19 While Still Complying With Labor Law

CoAdvantage- Many employers have been trying their hardest to protect their workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. In many cases, that has meant taking special precautions when it comes to their employees with the most risk factors for COVID-19, such as older workers or those with pre-existing health conditions. Some workers will request accommodation on their[…]