Sales Inquiry : 855-351-4731
Sales Inquiry : 855-351-4731

Our CoAdQuantum online portal is a secure gateway to a variety of products and services that allow managers and employees to conduct HR activities quickly and efficiently. Managing human resource functions is easier than ever with CoAdQuantum, the latest in innovative HR technology from CoAdvantage. With fast, simple navigation, CoAdQuantum puts you and your employees in control, providing secure, online access to streamline your payroll, human resources, and benefits procedures through an easy-to-use portal.

HR Data Management

Easily manage employee-related tasks and requests including areas such as hiring, onboarding, salary & status changes, PTO tracking, and training requirements

Time & Labor Management

Streamline timekeeping and payroll processes while aiding compliance with labor laws

Reporting and Analytics

Access over 70 reports including Payroll Register, and support real-time decision making using customizable Business Intelligence Payroll and Invoice Allocation Dashboards that display metrics in visual, easy-to-interpret charts

Applicant Tracking

Reduce time and effort in the recruiting process with tools that automate job posts, filter applicants, manage files and provide compliance reporting

Pre-Hire Screening

Our extensive background screening services include credit, criminal, driving, social security, as well as substance abuse


Online Learning

Dozens of online courses aid knowledge and skill development in key areas like compliance, customer service, leadership, safety and more

Talent Management

Online module facilitates a coaching and mentoring culture through team and peer appraisals, goal setting and talent matching

Compensation Management

Manage salary administration, merit pay, and compensation ranges with our fully automated system!

Paired with consultative support from our certified Human Resource Account Executives, our customers use these tools to
streamline operations, define goals, and make strategic business decisions. Ready to learn more about putting our mobile-friendly technology solutions to work for you and your business? 

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