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6 Best Practices for Communicating with Employees

CoAdvantage-One underrated challenge with which every employer must deal is how to communicate effectively with their own employees. Clear, engaging, and persuasive communications are critical in the workplace. They’re needed to help sell employees on changes and new policies in the workplace, to help employees make the best use of their benefits, to improve compliance[…]

How Much Would an Extra Hour Every Day Be Worth to You?

How Much Would an Extra Hour Every Day Be Worth to You?

CoAdvantage-One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing anything is time. According to small business financial lender Fundera, small business owners work a lot of hours. Most (70%) work more than 40 hours per week, and a sizeable minority (19%) work more than 60 hours per week. With HR and administrative tasks consuming as much as[…]

How Should You Prepare for HR Outsourcing?

CoAdvantage-If you are considering outsourcing some or all HR functions, or are considering expanding your outsourcing, do yourself a big favor and do some prep beforehand. This preparation does not have to be extensive or onerous – most reputable HR partners or Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are very good at picking up from almost situation[…]

What do small employers get when they outsource HR?

What Do Small Employers Get When They Outsource HR?

CoAdvantage-The employment marketplace is facing incredible challenges – labor shortages, the so-called Great Resignation, huge changes in workplace policy thanks to the pandemic, the acceleration of technological changes like increased automation, and more. Employers are struggling to find, recruit, train, and retain qualified labor; and business owners are more pressed for time than ever, struggling[…]

8+ Reasons to Outsource HR

8+ Reasons to Outsource HR: Save Time, Reduce Costs, and Build Value

CoAdvantage- Outsourcing HR offers numerous advantages for businesses both big and small. Some of the benefits are obvious: gaining time, saving money, and improving the organization’s overall competitive posture. But other advantages might surprise you. The bottom-line is that outsourcing frees the employer to get down to business rather than shouldering HR issues in addition to[…]

4 Tips to Keep Your Business in Compliance During the Holiday Season

CoAdvantage- The holidays can be a fun time of year. It can also be incredibly stressful season; and in a year when employers are simultaneously facing a pandemic and may be short-staffed, it’s critical to be smart about how you manage your workforce during this period to stay in compliance with all relevant labor laws.[…]

Is Your HR Strategically Aligned With Your Business Interest?

Is Your HR Strategically Aligned With Your Business Interests?

CoAdvantage- What is strategic HR? The idea of strategic HR is a relatively recent invention in the world of business. It dates back to 1984 with the publication of Strategic Human Resource Management by Charles Fombrun, Noel Tichy, and Mary Anne Devanna. A historical overview of the concept of strategic HR neatly summarized their definition[…]

The Power of PEOs

The Power of PEOs: Why HR Outsourcing is Skyrocketing in Popularity

CoAdvantage- The Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry is booming. A report from the National Association of PEOs looked at PEOs over the past decade and found an industry whose growth had outpaced even normal employee growth. Specifically, since 2008, the compounded annual growth rate of the PEO industry has exceeded the comparable growth rate of[…]

Understanding How HR Creates Value for Your Business

Understanding How HR Creates Value for Your Business

CoAdvantage- Traditionally, business leaders have seen Human Resources as a cost center functionally oriented around transactional tasks like processing payroll and administering benefits. That view is rapidly changing, and HR is increasingly serving as an active, collaborative, and strategic partner to the C-suite. That’s because it has become increasingly apparent that HR can actively create[…]