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HR Outsourcing: How a PEO Can Help Businesses in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is seeing a boom. It has recovered from the Great Recession to hit record-breaking output in 2018 (over $2 trillion), and many manufacturers have actually had to turn away business in 2018, according to The New York Times. “Midsize manufacturers are turning down lots of business,” Rick Lazio, a former Republican congressman and a senior vice president[…]

HR Outsourcing: How a PEO Can Help Businesses in IT

Information technology (IT) is booming. The IT sector represents a quarter of the S&P 500 index, with growth forecasts at 5% globally – and possibly pushing as high as 7%, reports CompTIA. IT spending is expected to hit $4.8 billion in 2018. But with robust growth and spending come significant challenges. For IT, staffing is[…]

HR Outsourcing: How a PEO Can Help Real Estate Services

The real estate and construction industry is growing fast – while facing a shrinking pool of available workers. Specifically, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the growth rate for job roles throughout the real estate sector – from brokers and sales agents through construction laborers and managers – is outpacing the average[…]

Why Employees Prefer PEO Services

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are powerful partners for businesses. By relieving the business of the most time-consuming and difficult people-related duties, the business can focus on growth and profitability. It works, too. The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) 2017 PEO Industry Report found that PEO users were 16% more likely to see profitability increase[…]

The 2018 Human Resources Trends to Keep an Eye On

More than half of organizations will be hiring in 2018 – but still at a slowing rate. According to the LinkedIn 2017 Global Recruiting Trends Report, over half (56%) of recruiters say their hiring volume will increase in the next year. However, that represents a drop of 5 points over the past two years, and challenges remain.[…]

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HR Outsourcing for Compliance Peace of Mind

How does outsourcing compliance and risk management help employers? Most employers are unprepared for the risks and regulations that affect their business. The New York Times reports that two out of five small business owners have no business insurance at all. This may be due to cost; it’s hard to find good coverage at rates friendly[…]

HR Outsourcing for Recruitment: What to Expect From Your Provider

How does outsourcing recruitment/new hire support help employers? Recruitment is becoming both much more sophisticated and much more difficult. According to the Society for Human Resource Management,algorithmic recruiting is taking off – that is, combining Big Data, analytics, and artificial intelligence to identify, review, and select job candidates. But that kind of recruiting requires specific expertise[…]

Outsourcing Benefits: What to Expect From Your Provider

Benefits outsourcing can be a wonderful way for businesses large and small to offer top quality benefits on a limited budget, but many organizations new to the Professional Employer Organization industry don’t know what to expect from their PEO provider. As one of the nation’s leading PEOs, CoAdvantage, is no stranger to businesses who are[…]

Four Common PEO Misconceptions Debunked

Professional employer organizations can be a wonderful way for businesses large and small to handle and strengthen their human resources capabilities, but many organizations new to the industry don’t know what to expect from their PEO partners. As one of the nation’s leading PEOs, CoAdvantage is no stranger to working with businesses who have fallen[…]

Time is Money: The 411 on Outsourcing Payroll Processing

How does Payroll Processing help employers? A recent InfusionSoft survey found that “time to get everything done” is the single most frequently cited challenge faced by business owners. In small and mid-sized businesses especially, owners and executives often find themselves spending hours weekly (if not daily) on administrative payroll and HR functions instead of focusing on their[…]