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How to Benchmark Your Benefits in Two Steps

Are you staying competitive in the employment marketplace by offering the benefits everyone else does? Do you stand out? Can you still attract top talent even if you drop an expensive benefits program? The process of comparing your benefits programs to other employers in your field is called benchmarking, and it’s a hugely important and[…]

Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace

Drug abuse can be a costly problem for employers. According to the National Safety Council, absenteeism, workplace injuries, workplace violence, and workers’ compensation claims are all more common among employees who abuse prescription drugs. However, drug testing is also a compliance minefield, subject to a host of laws and regulations. Here are the most pertinent[…]

Innovations in Interviewing

LinkedIn’s 2017 Global Recruiting Trends Report found that “innovative interview tools” was one of the top new trends defining the future of recruiting. The 2018 report confirms the finding and takes it even further, revealing that traditional interviews fail to properly assess candidates (e.g., identifying their true weaknesses and strengths, particularly when it comes to[…]

The Cost of High Turnover is More Than You Think

Turnover is expensive. Losing employees, and then having to replace them, sometimes over and over again, adds up fast. And turnover is something all employers face. The median employee tenure at any given job is 4.6 years (or 3.2 years for workers aged 25 to 34). Consider the healthcare industry, for whom turnover is particularly[…]

Do Your Benefits Appeal to The Growing Millennial Workforce?

Generational issues in benefits may be on the rise. That shouldn’t be surprising, given that 75% of the global workforce will be made up of millennials by 2025. It’s only natural that employers should begin targeting the future supermajority of their workforce with benefits that appeal directly to them, especially since an equal percentage of[…]

Workforce Analytics 101: Your Top Questions

What is “workforce analytics”? Workforce analytics means applying the principles of Big Data to data generated by HR organizations. Also called “people analytics,” it means using existing data and statistics to generate insight into, and make evidence-based decisions about, HR issues like hiring decisions, compensation strategies, performance management, and more. Once a rare practice, now[…]

How Using a PEO Benefits Your Employees

We write regularly about the impact of utilizing a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) on employers, detailing the ways a PEO can generate cost savings, business advantages, and peace of mind for business owners. But what about the impact of a PEO on workers? How does a PEO partnership work? First, let’s define the relationships here.[…]

The Technologies that are Fueling Next-Gen Recruitment

Next-generation recruitment is already here. Technology is playing an increasingly prominent role in recruiting activities, and employers are pleased with the results they’re seeing. According to the Randstad Sourceright Talent Trends Report, 71% of executives say that technology has made recruiting simpler and more efficient, 76% say it helps them to make smarter hiring decisions,[…]

8 Common Mistakes Hiring Managers Make

Hiring is hard, and it’s no wonder that recruitment remains a perennial struggle for so many employers! But hiring managers often make things more difficult than necessary with unforced errors in their processes or decisions. Here are eight of the most common mistakes made by hiring managers. 1.       They don’t ask the right questions. The[…]

HR Outsourcing: How a PEO Can Help Real Estate Services

The real estate and construction industry is growing fast – while facing a shrinking pool of available workers. Specifically, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the growth rate for job roles throughout the real estate sector – from brokers and sales agents through construction laborers and managers – is outpacing the average[…]