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Short-Term Versus Long-Term Workforce Planning & Problem-Solving

Short-Term Versus Long-Term Workforce Planning & Problem-Solving

CoAdvantage – When faced with labor challenges like worker shortages, it’s important to think beyond just solving the immediate labor need. That’s obviously first priority, but once that’s done, it’s equally important to consider, plan, and strategize around long-term staffing needs. Without long-term planning, organizations can end up constantly reacting to whatever is happening in[…]

What Is Behavior-Based Interviewing?

What Is Behavior-Based Interviewing?

CoAdvantage -Traditional interviewing takes a background-focused approach to questioning job candidates. These interviewers want to understand the applicant’s experience and skills to gain a deeper understanding of where the candidate is coming from and whether the new role fits into their career trajectory. This method allows interviewers to get a feel for the candidate in[…]

What Is Behavior-Based Interviewing?

5 Steps to Counteract the Shortage of Skilled, In-Demand Workers

CoAdvantage – It’s a tough time to be recruiting. With an unemployment rate that’s been at or below 4% for most of 2022 – reaching as low as 3.6% before summer – good workers are harder than ever to come by. The labor shortages aren’t evenly distributed through the market, however, and that means the[…]

Is Your Workplace Meeting Your Employees' Needs?

5 Tips for Navigating the ‘Great Resignation’

CoAdvantage-The so-called Great Resignation isn’t quite as unusual as it seems – high quit rates are actually common during periods of rapid job creation – but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been a serious headache for employers. With so many workers switching jobs, and some sectors (hospitality and healthcare in particular) seeing outright labor shortages,[…]

What do small employers get when they outsource HR?

What Do Small Employers Get When They Outsource HR?

CoAdvantage-The employment marketplace is facing incredible challenges – labor shortages, the so-called Great Resignation, huge changes in workplace policy thanks to the pandemic, the acceleration of technological changes like increased automation, and more. Employers are struggling to find, recruit, train, and retain qualified labor; and business owners are more pressed for time than ever, struggling[…]

Are Taxes Overtaxing for Your Small Business? 7 Strategies to Simplify Tax Season

The Top 5 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity

CoAdvantage-Addressing employee productivity in meaningful, useful, and actionable ways is a huge challenge for employers, especially for knowledge-based work that’s hard to translate into clear productivity metrics. Further complicating the question, raw production isn’t everything. As the famous axiom says, “Productivity is getting things done. Effectiveness is getting the right things done.” But what can[…]

Small Business Compliance: The Top 2 Most Common HR Mistakes

When Does It Make Sense to Pay Workers Higher Wages?

CoAdvantage- Wage growth since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has been strange, to say the least. Wages grew at historic rates over 2020 – between 2019 and 2020, wages grew by 6.9% for the typical worker, according to the Economic Policy Institute – but that figure may be a little misleading. Most of the[…]

How To Manage Different Personality Types in the Workplace

CoAdvantage- In any organization, it’s critical to ensure that the people you hire can work seamlessly as a team, even (or especially) when they have very different personalities from each other. But how can organizations achieve that? It starts with understanding different personality types and what role, if any, they play in the workplace. “It’s[…]

Optimizing Your Workforce For Soft Skills

Why Soft Skills Are Key to Maximizing Workforce Productivity

CoAdvantage- The pandemic has proven one thing for HR recruiters: soft skills are indispensable. A survey from last July found that nearly two-thirds (60%) of respondents believe they now need to hire workers with skills that were not necessary before the pandemic. Soft skills topping the list include adaptability (68%), communication (60%), and technology proficiency[…]

CoAdvantage Remote and Hybrid Workforce

4 Best Practices for Hybrid and Remote Working Arrangements

CoAdvantage- The rise of remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic – which we have written about previously here and here – is very likely to have a lasting impact on the workplace. Though we don’t expect a total conversion to remote working, hybrid arrangements where employees divide time between the office and working from home are[…]