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“Microlearning” Versus Traditional Training

“Microlearning” means undertaking training modules (usually self-directed) in very short but frequent bursts, versus the longer but less frequent classes associated with traditional training. The idea has taken off among online training providers because it’s perfectly suited to their style of delivering education. They argue that “microlearning” is the perfect answer to a number of[…]

3 Ways Employee Performance Management is Changing

For decades, most organizations handled employee performance in a very staid and traditional way: conduct an annual review during which the employee would be evaluated and graded, with scores typically linked to salary increases, incentives, and promotions/continued employment. But this approach is rapidly falling out of favor. In an oft-cited statistic, business analyst Josh Bersin[…]

CoAdvantage’s Definitive Guide to Workplace Culture, Part 3: How to Improve Company Culture

In Part 1 of this series, we tried to define workplace culture and understand its impact on the workplace, employees, and business outcomes. In short, good culture produces good outcomes. But how do you know if your culture is good or bad? In Part 2, we examined the red flags that could indicate cultural problems.[…]

What do Successful Career and Leadership Development Programs Look Like?

Leadership and career development programs can be very beneficial to companies. To start, they are excellent recruiting tools. Prospective employees are always interested in career advancement, enhancing their skills, and maximizing their earning potential. That may be why nearly 16% of organizations have been increasing their professional and career development programs, per the Society for[…]

CoAdvantage’s Definitive Guide to Workplace Culture, Part 2: Six Signs Your Culture Needs a Boost

In Part 1 of this series, we took a close look at workplace culture to understand how it impacts both employees and business outcomes. A positive workplace culture can help employees to be more productive. By contrast, a poor culture doesn’t just reduce productivity, it can also harm employee well-being and raise costs. But how[…]

CoAdvantage’s Definitive Guide to Workplace Culture, Part 1: What is it, and How Does it Impact You?

Workplace culture can be an abstract concept, but it’s something that has very tangible impacts. As a result, it’s important for business leaders to have a good grasp on the culture of the workplace and, if necessary, take specific actions to improve it. In this three-part series, we will look at what workplace culture is,[…]

Is (Internal) Bureaucracy Slowing your Business Down?

The Harvard Business Review conducted a massive survey of 7,000 readers on bureaucracy in 2017, and their findings were sobering: “‘Bureaucratic drag’ slows work down, wastes time, stifles innovation, and causes employees to focus too much on internal matters rather than their customers. Not surprisingly, the problem is much worse in larger companies. And it seems to[…]

How to Help Employees De-Stress During the Holidays

The holidays, stretching from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, can be a fun and joyous period full of parties, presents, feasts, and festivities. At the same time, stress caused by the added responsibilities, obligations, and personal tasks can affect work performance. Distracted, stressed-out employees struggle more to maintain their productivity… to say nothing of keeping up[…]

4 Ways to Improve HR’s “Internal Customer” Experience

Customer service starts with HR. As advisory firm McKinsey and Co. writes, “To be good with customers requires the organization to be at its best internally in terms of services provided to employees.” In other words, while a department like HR doesn’t interact directly with an organization’s customers, it still delivers services and products to[…]