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CoAdvantage Diversity

Diversity Program Effectiveness, Part 1: If Diversity Helps, Why Does It Often Fail?

CoAdvantage- Diversity programs have the potential to produce enormous benefits for the organizations that embrace them, but all too often efforts fail to generate the desired results. Why? It’s important to understand that, yes, inclusivity and representation are not only right in principle, they also legitimately produce business value when translated into smart programs designed[…]

CoAdvantage Holiday

Handling Holiday Parties & Workplace Celebrations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

CoAdvantage- With major holidays like Thanksgiving and New Year’s; religious observances like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza; and plenty of office parties in-between, the season of workplace celebrations is upon us. This presents great opportunities for employers to demonstrate employee appreciation, boost morale and engagement, and just have a little fun – especially this year. However,[…]

CoAdvantage Political

The Ultimate Guide to Navigating Political Tension and Fostering a Positive Work Environment

CoAdvantage- 2020 has seen a lengthy, emotional, and frequently tense race between two candidates strongly and passionately supported by each of their core bases. In this kind of environment, it’s easy for post-election day talk to tip into dangerous territory that can lead to temporary or ongoing fractures between different groups of employees with strongly[…]

CoAdvantage Burnout

How to Protect Your Employees From Burnout: Unplugging From Work

CoAdvantage- Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, employees already had a hard time establishing firm boundaries between home life and work and fully unplugging from their job duties. A CareerBuilder survey from earlier this year (pre-pandemic) found that nearly half of workers “complete work outside of office hours,” including responding to emails at night and while[…]

CoAdvantage Political

Tips for Managing Political Speech and Election-Related Discourse in the Workplace

CoAdvantage- If election-related political discourse is proving disruptive or difficult in your workplace, here are four proven best practices for managing how employees handle political disagreements to promote a civil and civic-minded atmosphere for everyone. DO: Establish formal policies that discourage political speech and activity at work. One easy option to manage political disagreements: turn[…]

CoAdvantage. Employee Mental Well-Being.

Managing Employee Mental Well-Being in the Era of COVID-19

CoAdvantage- 2020 is not taking it easy on anyone. It’s brought concerns about catching a potentially deadly disease or catching it and passing it on to loved ones. Concerns about job stability. Having to work from home in situations that might not be ideal, or having to come into work and worry about health risks.[…]

CoAdvantage Employee Morale

7 Tips for Boosting Employee Morale and Engagement When Everyone’s Remote Working

CoAdvantage- Working from home may be the new normal for many employees, especially white-collar workers, for the foreseeable future. But as beneficial as remote working can be in principle, everyone being forced into it by a pandemic is suboptimal. One study found a 13% boost in productivity from remote working … until it was extended[…]

CoAdvantage Remote Work

How to Manage Remote Employees Who Are Bad at Remoting

CoAdvantage- In our recent guide to managing a newly remote workforce, we provided tips and tactics for bosses and company leaders looking to manage their suddenly far-flung teams. We offered guidance for certain groups, like employees with kids and employees who are sick. But there’s one question we didn’t address: How do you manage employees[…]


The Psychology of Employees in Crisis: Maintaining a Mentally Healthy Workforce

Some workers come prepared for crisis. Pilots, for example, are renowned for the ability to act calmly and confidently in the face of potential disasters. But that takes extensive preparation: as writer and pilot Kim Green tells Fast Company, “It’s not that pilots are born preternaturally calm in the face of danger; it’s that we[…]

CoAdvantage Productivity

How COVID-19 Will Affect Worker Productivity

CoAdvantage- To limit transmission of COVID-19, workplaces across the United States (and the world) have closed their doors and asked employees to work remotely. And with so many workers suddenly teleworking, the Internet is replete with guides on how to work from home. But what implications does this situation have for productivity, and what should[…]

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