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7 Tips for Boosting Employee Morale and Engagement When Everyone’s Remote Working

Working from home may be the new normal for many employees, especially white-collar workers, for the foreseeable future. But as beneficial as remote working can be in principle, everyone being forced into it by a pandemic is suboptimal. One study found a 13% boost in productivity from remote working … until it was extended to[…]

How to Manage Remote Employees Who Are Bad at Remoting

In our recent guide to managing a newly remote workforce, we provided tips and tactics for bosses and company leaders looking to manage their suddenly far-flung teams. We offered guidance for certain groups, like employees with kids and employees who are sick. But there’s one question we didn’t address: How do you manage employees who[…]

The Psychology of Employees in Crisis: Maintaining a Mentally Healthy Workforce

Some workers come prepared for crisis. Pilots, for example, are renowned for the ability to act calmly and confidently in the face of potential disasters. But that takes extensive preparation: as writer and pilot Kim Green tells Fast Company, “It’s not that pilots are born preternaturally calm in the face of danger; it’s that we[…]

How COVID-19 Will Affect Worker Productivity

To limit transmission of COVID-19, workplaces across the United States (and the world) have closed their doors and asked employees to work remotely. And with so many workers suddenly teleworking, the Internet is replete with guides on how to work from home. But what implications does this situation have for productivity, and what should employers[…]

Working From Home With Children: 7 Quick Tips for Employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely disrupted daily routines. With lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders across the country, millions of workers and schoolchildren have been forced to work and learn from home. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), school closures have impacted over 91% of the world’s student population. In the United[…]

How to Manage a Suddenly, Newly Remote Workforce: A Guide for Bosses

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has completely upended the American workplace. More than three-quarters of Americans find themselves under some form of stay-at-home, shelter-in-place lockdown order; and businesses nationwide are being roiled by the “economic shock” of the coronavirus. And everyone is wondering: what do we do now? The question may be even more pressing for[…]

Flex Schedules and Remote Working, Part 2: The Challenges Facing Employers

In part 1 of this series, examining the advantages and disadvantages of flexible work options, including flex scheduling and remote working, we assessed the evidence-based benefits employers can potentially accrue. But flex work options are not a slam-dunk in all situations. Specific challenges and disadvantages can undermine potential rewards, and employers need to understand what[…]

What Science Says about Leaders: A Brief Survey of Research into Leadership

Leadership is a surprisingly scarce and valuable resource in the business world, and most businesses are very concerned with finding or developing good leaders in their organization. But what is a “good” leader? What qualities define them? What’s the difference in the workplace between a “good” leader and a mediocre one? Thanks to their importance,[…]

Three Best Practices to Prevent Presenteeism

Presenteeism – when employees show up to work when they shouldn’t – is the flip side of absenteeism, and it’s just as corrosive to productivity and worker morale. Typically, presenteeism refers to workers who are actively sick and potentially contagious. At best, they’ll be unproductive. At worst, they’ll spread their illness around the workplace, causing[…]

Flex Schedules and Remote Working, Part 1: The Evidence-Based Advantages for Employers

Flexible work options, including flexible work schedules and remote working, have only grown more common over the past few years. The 2019 Global Talent Trends Report from LinkedIn, for example, notes a 78% increase in the mention of “workplace flexibility” in job posts since 2016. But while it’s easy to understand what makes flex working[…]

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