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When Should an Employer Contest an Unemployment Claim – or Not?

Unemployment claims are not always clear cut. Even employees fired for cause might still be entitled to unemployment under certain conditions. Similarly, in some situations employers might choose not to challenge an otherwise contestable claim. Why? It’s all about strategizing around legal obligations. Be aware that employees can be eligible for unemployment in a fairly[…]

The 2018 Human Resources Trends to Keep an Eye On

More than half of organizations will be hiring in 2018 – but still at a slowing rate. According to the LinkedIn 2017 Global Recruiting Trends Report, over half (56%) of recruiters say their hiring volume will increase in the next year. However, that represents a drop of 5 points over the past two years, and challenges remain.[…]

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HR Outsourcing for Compliance Peace of Mind

How does outsourcing compliance and risk management help employers? Most employers are unprepared for the risks and regulations that affect their business. The New York Times reports that two out of five small business owners have no business insurance at all. This may be due to cost; it’s hard to find good coverage at rates friendly[…]

Social Media Screening: Good Idea or Compliance Minefield?

According to CareerBuilder’s 2016 survey on social media recruitment, the use of social media to find and screen candidates is on the rise. Nearly two-thirds (60%) of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates (it was just 22% in 2008) and nearly as many (59%) use search engines to research candidates as well. On the[…]

How to Ensure Employee Leave and Time Off Policies Comply with Both the FMLA and the ADA

The intersection of different employment laws can create confusion for employers. In fact, sometimes one law can potentially trigger another. Consider the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), both of which impact how covered employers offer leave time to workers. Specifically, both laws regulate and protect the ability of[…]

Avoid Background Check Backlash

Background checks are an excellent form of due diligence that can protect employers from potentially catastrophic hiring mistakes. However, multiple laws apply to employer use of background checks, and careless implementation can create a lawsuit-fueled backlash against your company, as it has against companies like Uber, Amazon, UPS, Lowe’s, and many others. In fact, litigation based on just the[…]