Advantage you client story

An executive goes through employee onboarding and realizes his company needs a better outsourcing partner.

— Scott Landry, President, Make-a-Wish® North Texas

When I came in to my role at Make-a-Wish North Texas chapter, my finance person and HR person weren't pleased with the employee onboarding service we were getting from our provider at that time. I went through it and experienced it myself, so it was the right time to seek out a partnership with CoAdvantage.

goes deeper

Personalized HR solutions and professional expertise to support your business.

Spending too much time managing HR could be holding back your business. Not spending enough time could be putting your company at risk. CoAdvantage goes deeper to identify your HR needs & then create right-sized HR solutions for your business.

With your CoAdvantage team of experts strategically navigating the employee legalities of your industry and managing administrative tasks, you can get back to focusing on building a more stable, valuable and profitable business.

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