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Sales Inquiry : 855-351-4731

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  • Aetna will waive co-pays for all diagnostic testing related to COVID-19. This policy will cover the test kit for patients who meet CDC guidelines for testing, which can be done in any approved laboratory location. Aetna will waive the member costs associated with diagnostic testing at any authorized location.
  • Through Aetna’s Healing Better program, members who are diagnosed with COVID-19 will receive a care package containing CVS over-the-counter medications to help relieve symptoms. The package will also include personal and household cleaning supplies to help keep others in the home protected from potential exposure.
  • Through existing care management programs, Aetna will proactively reach out to members most at-risk for COVID-19. Care managers will walk members through what they can do to protect themselves, where to get information on the virus, and where to go to get tested.

CVS Health is taking additional steps across the country to address the COVID-19 outbreak and protect patient access to medication:

  • CVS Health announced it is waiving cost-sharing and co-pays for inpatient hospital admissions related to COVID-19 at all in-network facilities for Aetna members. This policy is effective immediately for any such admission through June 1, 2020. Click here to read the press release for this announcement.
  • Beginning immediately, CVS Pharmacy will waive charges for home delivery of prescription medications. With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encouraging people at higher risk for COVID-19 complications to stay at home as much as possible, this is a convenient option to avoid coming to the pharmacy for refills or new prescriptions.
  • Aetna will now offer 90-day maintenance medication prescriptions for members.
  • In addition, Aetna will waive early refill limits on 30-day prescription maintenance medications for all members with pharmacy benefits administered through CVS Caremark.


  • Anthem will waive copays, coinsurance and deductibles and prior authorization for diagnostic services related to COVID-19 testing.
  • Anthem recommends members use telehealth when possible, as it can help prevent them from spreading a virus further within a physical clinical setting. Anthem’s telehealth provider, LiveHealth Online, is a safe and effective way for members to see a doctor to receive health guidance related to COVID-19 from their homes via smart phone, tablet or computer-enabled webcam. 
  • Anthem is also encouraging its health plan members who have a pharmacy plan that includes a 90-day benefit, to talk to their doctor about whether changing from a 30-day supply to a 90-day supply of any prescription medicines they take on a regular basis is appropriate. Members filling 90-day prescriptions can obtain their medications through our home delivery pharmacy and, in some circumstances, select retail pharmacies. Preparing with a longer supply could help to avoid any potential issues with localized shortages. Members can call the pharmacy services number on the back of their health plan ID card to learn more.

Florida Blue

Florida Blue is actively engaged in the COVID-19 fight and is committed to supporting its members and their communities as this difficult situation evolves.

To further support our members:

  • Florida Blue is waiving member cost-sharing for all COVID-19 treatment services – including inpatient hospital admissions 
  • Florida Blue is waiving copays and deductibles for medical testing related to COVID-19.

To help hospitals accelerate appropriate discharges and support bed capacity anticipating the need for COVID-19 patients, Florida Blue is also: 

  • Waiving prior authorization requirements for patients being transferred from inpatient acute hospital settings to post-acute care facilities (Long Term Acute Care Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Inpatient Rehabilitation and home with home healthcare).
  • Florida Blue also will work closely with hospitals and physicians to ensure members are not balanced billed (surprise billed) for any services related to COVID-19 treatment.
  • If you have questions about the coronavirus, have symptoms and need help finding a provider to do a COVID-19 test, or any other concerns, please call the number on the back of your member ID card.
  • For more information please visit
  • Cost Share for Teledoc has been reduced to zero. To access Florida Blue Teladoc services, please see our Florida Blue Teladoc Informational Flyer.


  • For all Kaiser Permanente plans, cost sharing (deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance) will be reduced to zero dollars ($0.00) for medically necessary screening and testing for COVID-19 including the visit, associated lab testing, and radiology services in a plan hospital, emergency or urgent care setting, or medical office. This cost sharing reduction will apply to all Kaiser Permanente and other plan (participating) providers.
  • If a member is diagnosed with COVID-19, all treatment including but not limited to hospital, transportation, and pharmacy services will be covered in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the coverage document for the member’s health plan.



  • Our EAP provider, ESPῩR provides professional counseling and assistance to employees and family members. Their site offers valuable information on a range of topics including:
    • COVID-19: Supporting at Home Children
    • How To Handle Kids’ Stress And Why It Happens
    • Quarantine and Isolation
  • For more information, call (866) 570-3478 or visit online: Use password: coadv.

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