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19 Monday Feb 2018

Compensation Strategy Checklist

Too many organizations are too disorganized when it comes to compensation. They make compensation-related decisions in a haphazard manner that (1) discounts applicable laws and regulations, (2) obscures whether their approach to compensation generates appropriate ROI, and (3) makes compensation and payroll management unnecessarily difficult. 

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10 Wednesday Jan 2018

Rethinking the Annual Pay Raise

Is the traditional annual raise worth it? 

According to research from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the top 8% of workers saw an average of 4.8% base pay increase, versus only 0.9% (or less) for the lowest performing 9% of workers. 

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12 Thursday Oct 2017

The Evolution of Employee Benefits:1996 to Now

In its 2016 report on employee benefits, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) took a look back at 20 years of employee benefits offerings in the U.S. (1996 to 2016). Here are some of the more interesting findings.

Only a few benefits have noticeably increased.

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16 Wednesday Aug 2017

Outsourcing Benefits: What to Expect From Your Provider

Benefits outsourcing can be a wonderful way for businesses large and small to offer top quality benefits on a limited budget, but many organizations new to the Professional Employer Organization industry don’t know what to expect from their PEO provider. As one of the nation’s leading PEOs, CoAdvantage, is no stranger to businesses who are unsure how benefits outsourcing works. Here are our top three frequently asked questions.

How does outsourcing benefits help employers?

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19 Wednesday Apr 2017

The Ultimate List of Modern Employee Benefits

Most employers are intimately familiar with the usual suspects of employee benefits, like 401(k) plans and health coverage options, but have you ever wondered about all of the other kinds of benefits different employers offer? Let's take a comprehensive look at all of the different kinds of benefits that organizations offer today, including some you may never have even considered.

Wellness and Health Benefits

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22 Wednesday Mar 2017

3 Qualities to Look for in a Benefits Partner

Employee benefits are often a cornerstone of an organization’s employee engagement strategy. According to MetLife’s 14th Annual (2016) U.S. Employee Benefit Trends study, only 45% of employees say they are planning to be with their employers in 12 months, making benefits a key mechanism for helping retain valuable workers. 

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30 Wednesday Mar 2016

How and Why To Prevent Presenteeism

Presenteeism – or when workers show up when they shouldn’t – is the flip side of absenteeism. Contrary to many opinions, it’s just as bad for business. Most often, presenteeism means sick workers coming into work when they’re unwell, unproductive, and often – much worse – infectious. Read More »
03 Wednesday Feb 2016

Make Your Benefits More Effective

From the employer’s perspective, a benefits package has a job to do. You spend time, energy and money putting together a competitive package, and it should benefit not just your workers, but also the organization itself. Read More »
19 Wednesday Aug 2015

[Infographic] Latest Trends in Employee Benefits

It's a competitive world out there when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent, and a company's benefits are inevitably one of its major selling points. According to a 2015 MetLife study, "Employees who are very satisfied with benefits are almost 4x more likely (81% versus 22%) to be very satisfied with their jobs.” Here are the top trends in benefits to make sure your company is staying on top of the marketplace. Read More »
03 Wednesday Jun 2015

6 Unusual Perks Major Businesses Are Offering

If you want to stand out to your employees — and to prospective workers in a competitive marketplace – you might consider some unconventional benefits. Here are six examples from well-known companies. Read More »