workplace culture

In any workplace, many different people come together to work as a team. A crucial aspect of smart recruiting is making sure you find job candidates who will work well within your company’s culture and with your company’s existing team. Even so, you’re still going to end up with many different personality types working together. How do you manage different personalities most effectively?
Here's a sobering statistic: More than 40% of employed Americans have received no skills training in the last two years! In fact, more than a quarter (26%) of HR executives say they have no training budget at all, according to ResearchNow! McKinsey and Company verifies the predictable result: only one-quarter of respondents to their survey said that their training programs measurably improved business performance.
Small business owners must wear many hats, and sometimes they’re expected to be masters of skills that have nothing to do with their core business offering
Fewer than one-third of American workers are engaged at work. Given that engagement makes money, and disengagement costs employers, it’s important to ask why disengagement is so prevalent.
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