payroll processing

Outsourcing payroll is a long-standing tactic for enabling business owners to ensure their people get paid on time while reducing errors. But what makes a good, modern payroll service provider in the digital age? And, for that matter, has your provider kept up with the times?

First, the basics: the service should relieve employers of the payroll burden, covering aspects of payroll from start-to-finish. That means that – in addition to payroll administration, direct deposits, paycheck distribution, wage garnishments, etc. – they’ll also:

A recent InfusionSoft survey found that “time to get everything done” is the single most frequently cited challenge faced by business owners. In small and mid-sized businesses especially, owners and executives often find themselves spending hours weekly (if not daily) on administrative payroll and HR functions instead of focusing on their core business and growing their bottom-line. One solution for owners who are spread too thin? Outsourcing the critical but laborious task of Payroll Processing.
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