by Deanne Harvey

As we have previously reported, audits of I-9 documentation have increased significantly during the past two years. Contrary to popular beliefs, enforcement is not centered on finding undocumented employees. Instead, federal authorities are looking for administrative errors on I-9 forms. As a result, fines and penalties often cost companies thousands of dollars even though undocumented workers are not discovered.

Here are common administrative errors that we see that cause companies to be penalized:

The myths and theories that surround the area of unemployment claims are all over the place, such as: “if we have a 90-day probationary policy, we can terminate and not have to pay unemployment,” or “if we ask the employee to resign, they will be denied unemployment – all resignations are denied.” Well, here are facts and here is how we really win.

How many human resources professionals complain that they do not have “a seat at the table” with their organizations? How can the people function not be sitting at the table with the President, CFO, VP of Operations, and VP of Sales/Marketing?

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