Sales Inquiry : 855-351-4731
Sales Inquiry : 855-351-4731

John Hale

Chief Technology Officer

John Hale serves as Chief Technology Officer for CoAdvantage.

John is an accomplished IT executive with 20 years of experience designing, implementing and maintaining technology solutions to support business objectives. He has a proven ability to integrate systems within a complex technical architecture of hardware and software systems.  John excels in developing and motivating highly focused teams that meet and exceed company objectives.  He has extensive experience with problem solving, risk assessment and timely resolution in a high volume customer service environment.

John most recently served as Vice President of Application Development for Progressive Employer Management Company. During his time in that role, he oversaw one of the largest Oracle HRMS implementations in the world.  Additionally, he participated in three acquisitions that included significant consolidation of systems.

Prior to Progressive, John led efforts to support a growing manufacturing and retail company during their transition to Oracle ERP from legacy systems.  During his tenure, he helped architect systems to support a growing e-commerce presence, including spikes due to promotions and Cyber Monday activity.  John also worked closely with the business to grow the brick and mortar operations by 500%.

John holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of South Florida.