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3 Tips to Help Your Employees Grow And Stay At Your Company

How to Help Your Employees Grow and Stay at Your Company

CoAdvantage- Career development is a cornerstone of employee experience. Workers who have opportunities to grow in their roles and align their career trajectory with their personal goals will be happier, more satisfied, and more engaged. Indeed, well over half (57%) of the respondents to engagement technology platform provider Glint’s most recent State of Employee Engagement[…]

Why Building a ‘World-Class HR’ Team Is Worth the Effort

Why Building a ‘World-Class HR’ Team Is Worth the Effort

CoAdvantage- Here’s a question too few companies ask: what is possible with HR? Most businesses think of human resources in limited ways. For them, HR has a clearly defined role within the organization, and that role focuses on the administrative and transactional tasks related to having employees – payroll, benefits, labor law compliance, etc. But[…]

3 Reasons Why HR Should Report to the CEO

3 Reasons Why HR Should Report to the CEO

CoAdvantage- At most organizations HR reports directly to the chief executive officer (CEO), but that’s not universally true. At many companies, HR may instead report to the chief financial officer, chief operating officer, some other senior level director or manager, the general counsel, or someone else altogether. Where HR reports is an indicator of how the[…]

7 Tips to Manage Disengaged Employees for Maximum Productivity

7 Tips to Manage Disengaged Employees for Maximum Productivity

CoAdvantage- Workplace disengagement incurs a heavy price for employers, resulting in lost profitability and productivity – as much as $550 billion in yearly lost productivity for the U.S. economy. Worse, disengagement is dismayingly common. According to Gallup, which has been tracking engagement levels in the U.S. workforce for decades, only 34% of U.S. workers are[…]

Is Your HR Strategically Aligned With Your Business Interest?

Is Your HR Strategically Aligned With Your Business Interests?

CoAdvantage- What is strategic HR? The idea of strategic HR is a relatively recent invention in the world of business. It dates back to 1984 with the publication of Strategic Human Resource Management by Charles Fombrun, Noel Tichy, and Mary Anne Devanna. A historical overview of the concept of strategic HR neatly summarized their definition[…]

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Manage Workers According to Their Generation

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Manage Workers According to Their Generation

CoAdvantage- 1: Stop thinking about employees in terms of generations.  That’s not to say there aren’t meaningful differences between, say, Baby Boomers and Gen Z, but most of those difference have little or nothing to do with their generation specifically. Instead, they’re due to age and, relatedly, career stage and other factors, like how long[…]

Making smarter business decisions goes beyond having good data. It means understanding how to organize, structure, and analyze that data to make the right calls. Here is why workforce analytics is the new must-have HR skill

Why “Workforce Analytics” Is the New Must-Have HR Skill

CoAdvantage- Workforce analytics – sometimes also called people analytics or talent analytics – means applying Big Data principles and practices to workforce-related data. In “Workforce Analytics 101: Your Top Questions” introduction to this subject, we wrote: “[Workforce analytics] means using existing data and statistics to generate insight into, and make evidence-based decisions about, HR issues[…]

How To Manage Different Personality Types in the Workplace

CoAdvantage- In any organization, it’s critical to ensure that the people you hire can work seamlessly as a team, even (or especially) when they have very different personalities from each other. But how can organizations achieve that? It starts with understanding different personality types and what role, if any, they play in the workplace. “It’s[…]

Does Strategic HR Really Make a Difference?

Does strategic HR really make a difference?

CoAdvantage- Yes, strategic HR can really improve business operations! In fact, world-class HR organizations (as opposed to average or typical HR organizations) operate at 25% lower cost and with 31% fewer staff, according to the “World-Class HR: Transforming HR to Prevail in the Next New Normal” report from The Hackett Group. More to the point,[…]

CoAdvantage Manager Leadership

4 Ways to Deal with a Bad Manager or Management Team

CoAdvantage- From the perspective of a business owner, there may be only one thing worse than a bad employee: a bad manager. According to a Gallup Poll, managers account for an astounding 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores. Nothing – not wages, not benefits, not work environment – impacts employee engagement (and related[…]