workplace policies

In previous articles about employee attendance, we’ve discussed the surprising problems with presenteeism (when workers show up to work when they shouldn’t) and 25 ways to deal with absenteeism (when workers don’t show up when they should).
Security – especially protecting customer and confidential company data – is a major concern for businesses in the modern world. From Target’s now infamous breach in 2013 to last year’s breath-taking theft of the records of 22.1 million U.S. citizens from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, security breaches have become all too common. But did you know that protecting your records is not just about encryption and other security protocols?

Clear, sound employment policies and procedures are a hallmark of a well-managed, professional organization. They demonstrate commitment to fair employment practices, a positive work environment, and a pursuit of company-wide values. They provide a well-defined framework that managers and supervisors can apply consistently. They clarify employee rights and responsibilities, give everyone the same set of rules to abide by, create a structure for feedback, elucidate benefits and set standards for acceptable and non-acceptable conduct.

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