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The right technology investments can help drive growth for small business owners (although employees sometimes need some convincing).

In its 2015 Human Capital Report, research and analysis firm Deloitte identified a confusing and potentially worrisome new trend in HR: machines as talent. In this brief, we’ll explain how “machines as talent” doesn’t necessarily mean what you fear, and why many executives see it as the future.

What does “machines as talent” mean?

There have never been more options for digitizing HR and HR functionality: onboarding employees, records management, recruiting, reporting.

In business, time-tracking is non-trivial. Inaccurate or incomplete time-tracking could prove legally ruinous. But it’s not just about compliance; tracking time gives you access to information that you can use to make better business decisions.

Using technology can yield greater efficiency, improve user experience, speed up productivity and reduce costs.
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